Erfahrungsbericht über eine Sprachreise in Antibes

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Erfahrungsbericht über eine Sprachreise in Antibes

Die Norwegerin Idunn hat uns ein Feedback zu Ihrem Sprachaufenthalt in Antibes geschickt.

Chapeau! Beim Lesen bekomme ich richtig Lust auf Frankreich… Wem geht’s ähnlich?

My stay in Antibes

When I came back to Norway from my 4 week holiday on the French Riviera in Antibes, my best friend asked me what sights I had seen and what I had done for 4 weeks. “I was in international language school in Antibes because I wanted to improve my French”, I said. “That’s all!” yelled my friend.

Sprachreise Frankreich Antibes

No, not at all! Antibes is a charming city and I really improved my French thanks to my really friendly, patient and experienced teachers. They clearly had a lot of experience in teaching French to foreign students and were able to create a really relaxed atmosphere during classes that allowed us to be more confident and to progress quicker. We spent a lot of time with our teachers discussing topical issues like environmental problems, unemployment, inflation which made the classes really interesting and enriched my vocabulary!

Although I had French courses for 4 weeks, I felt like I was on holiday. No, honestly! You can imagine how great it is to go to the sandy beach after classes and to spend your afternoon in the sun reading your favourite novel, admiring the beautiful yachts, or just losing yourself among the lovely paved streets of the old town of Antibes. Its magical medieval atmosphere, its small shops offering Provence’s specialities, its multiple bars and restaurants are unforgettable! Culturally Antibes also has a lot of famous museums like the Picasso museum, the Napoleonic museum, La Tour museum and many others. And of course, Provencal food with its variety of flavours and colours.

Sprachreise nach Antibes

In short, Antibes has more than enough to satisfy the most exigent tourist. If my friend knew all this, I think he would have yelled: “All this only in 4 weeks!”.

In fact, every day I spent in Antibes was unforgettable and the French experience was wonderful. If you asked me where to learn French on your holidays, I would say you: “In Antibes, of course!”

Idunn, 20 years old, Norway

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